Handy Image 3 Louisa Harland as FIN and Kate Kennedy as ROW in HANDY by Underground Films


TV Drama

Stepsisters Row and Fin are thrown together after years apart when their Dad has a heart attack. Row flies over from London and stays with a reluctant Fin in Dublin as Dad wants them to spend time together. Fin’s landlord Conor pushes Fin for the rent and it becomes clear Fin is practically penniless. She’s been fixing things around the house to stave off paying rent but it’s not cutting it anymore. Self-titled ideas woman Row has a business brainwave. She pitches the idea of ‘Handy Girls’ to Fin. A cash in hand business where Fin can fix things for the people of Dublin and Row can handle the business side. They’ll make rent and spend time together- exactly what Dad wants. Fin thinks the idea is dangerous, preposterous…but, after being let go by her temping firm, her only monetary inlet, she comes round to the idea and they get their first customer. Beryl. They are thrown into the deep end when their first job morphs into a mess of robbery, bladder malfunction and sudden death.

Writers: Kate Kennedy & Maddie Rice

Directed: by Susan Jacobson

DOP: Cathal Watters

Editor: John O'Connor

Year: 2019