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CITIZEN EUROPE Enrica Fontana_Barcelona 2.jpg

Citizen Europe


A cinematic journey into the heart of Europe, to explore the most ambitious integration experiment of our times. The Erasmus programme offers its young participants life-changing experiences, but also brings them heart to heart with Europe’s troubles today: the refugee crisis, the rise of populism and their uncertain future. 'Citizen Europe' captures the lives of five Erasmus participants who leave their hometown for the very first time.

Writers: Yuri Averof, Andreas Apostolidis, Isabelle Maradan, Angeliki Aristomenopoulou

Directors: Angeliki Aristomenopoulou, Andreas Apostolides. DOPs Eleanor Bowman, Yannis Kanakis, Konstantinos Koukoulios

Sound: Susan Downey, Dario le Bars

Editor: Yuri Averof

Year: 2019

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